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Install latest version of the SDK with Python PIP: pip install intellipush. Introduction to Python PIP here. Or download directly from GitHub. Leave feedback, bugs, and feature requests on Github, or contact us on email:

Github Readme
More ducumentation is currently availible here: In the GiutHub readme file

Setup automatic loading of the Intellipush library.

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Incoming URL

All incoming SMS that is forwarded to an URL from keyword settings page, is sent with the following POST parameters.

It is important to return a HTTP 200, else the URL will not be marked as delivered, and we will retry to trigger the URL again and again until we have tried 10 times, then it will be marked as permanently failed.

  • – request_sender is the phonenumber which the number is sent from.
  • – keyword is the main keyword.
  • – sub_keyword is the sub keyword if this is setup to be used.
  • – message is the actual message sent.