Reliable SMS service and SMS gateway for marketing and communication.

Welcome to Intellipush – your leading partner for efficient and reliable SMS communication and marketing in Norway. With our advanced service and dependable gateway, you can reach customers and employees with precise messages and targeted campaigns. Our Norwegian platform provides you with the tools you need to manage and analyze your text messages with ease and accuracy. Start your journey with us today and experience how our user-friendly solution can enhance your company’s communication strategy.

SMS kommunikasjon og markedsføring

Secure and Reliable SMS Delivery

Intellipush provides you with safe and reliable SMS delivery through our advanced gateway. Our platform ensures that your messages reach your target audience quickly and securely while meeting all privacy and security requirements.

SMS Marketing for Your Business

Intellipush offers a complete solution for SMS marketing designed for businesses of all sizes. Our platform makes it easy to communicate personally and securely with your customers, whether through our web portal or our API.

Easy SMS portal, insight, self service

Insight into Customer Behavior

Gain valuable insight into your customers’ behavior and preferences with our advanced tracking technologies. Identify loyal customers, high-response rate audiences, and tailor your campaigns for maximum effect.

Easy Self-Service and Control

With our intuitive portal, you can easily manage your SMS campaigns, add contacts, and schedule deliveries. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced user, Intellipush provides you with the tools you need to succeed in your mobile marketing.

Planned Campaigns for Increased Efficiency

Save time and resources with our automated SMS campaigns. Set up predefined messages and delivery times, and let Intellipush take care of the rest. Increase engagement and maintain a close relationship with your customers without extra effort.

SMS communication

Quick Start and Implementation

Get started with SMS marketing in record time with Intellipush. Our simple registration process allows you to create an account and start sending messages immediately. With our dedicated support, we’re always here to help you get started.

Api Integration

Great API for Integration

With Intellipush API, you can easily integrate SMS services into your own system. Our API is secured with OAuth 2.0 authentication and comes with complete Swagger documentation, allowing you to quickly implement SMS functionality into your existing systems.

Personal and Secure Communication

Our platform enables you to communicate personally and securely with your customers. Whether you’re sending individual messages or bulk deliveries, you can rest assured that your messages will reach the right time and recipient.

Free Trial Period with No Obligations

Try Intellipush for free and without obligations today! We offer a free trial period with SMS credits so you can explore the platform and discover how it can help you achieve your goals.

Stian Bjørnebekk

“We have been using Intellipush’s platform actively for over five years, and are very satisfied with the platform and customer service we receive. Intellipush allows us to see who opens links in the messages, so we can see the effect of our campaigns. They are easy to work with, and they make it easy to integrate Intellipush with other systems.”


Stian Bjørnebekk, Sportmann

“We have close to 200 people at Blender Collective. Intellipush gives us a simple and secure way to communicate with all of our members, with a tool that reaches far better than emails or other forms of communication.”

Foto: Marion Fjeldly


Stian Melhus, Blender Collective
Andreas Dovland

“We use Intellipush in more ways than just SMS marketing. For us, we use SMS from Intellipush as a key. It simplifies everyday life for our customers in the public and private sector. Intellipush makes it easy to send out one-time access codes and are an important part of the automated rental process.”


Andreas Dovland, Inlet

Choose Intellipush for Your SMS Marketing

With Intellipush, you get not only a reliable and efficient solution for SMS communication but also a partner dedicated to your success. Take control of your mobile marketing and experience the results with Intellipush today!

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