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Through its three departments and twenty years of experience, Netron has broad knowledge and experience in information technology and services. They specialize in content marketing, project management, design and film, as well as strategic communication on digital surfaces. Through the Netron Code department, Netron creates web pages, more comprehensive digital solutions, and apps.

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HIRVI is a full-service creative agency based in Eastern Norway, which delivers graphic and digital services.

Our team of innovative professionals is committed to working with good people and exciting companies to design and develop customized market solutions.

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IDYLL Festivalen is one of Norway’s largest music festivals. It is held in the heart of Fredrikstad, on the idyllic island of Isegran. The festival wants to bring together family, friends and colleagues with a mix of artists that will appeal to everyone. The festival has a free age limit and the central location provides the perfect combination of green areas and a short distance to shops, restaurants and hotels.

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Inlet helps its customers automate the process of ordering, payment, access and customer communication. They offer their customers a simple and holistic customer journey for the customer’s customers while at the same time aiming to increase margins and reduce costs for rental operators.

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NLB MEDIA AS is an innovative media agency that is passionate about creating digital content. Working with something you are passionate about makes the job extra driving. Which is reflected in the work we do and the results we create.

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Eseco systems AB is a Swedish IT company with extensive experience in system solutions for all types of e-commerce. They have over 30 years of experience with all types of systems for e-commerce and operate in several countries in Europe. Together with Eseco, we can offer SMS solutions directly to Eseco’s ERP system Nemo.


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