SMS For Organizers

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Most of us have organized an event at one time or another in our lives. Whether it's an annual birthday celebration or something a little bigger like a wedding. Regardless of the event, there are some recurring concerns:

What is an API?

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What is it that allows you to log in to various apps and websites with your Facebook profile? And how can you find and book flight tickets on a website that has nothing to do with the airline?

SMS – From A to Z

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What is SMS? SMS (Short Message Service), text message, message; We have many names for the things we love. Text messages is a service used by the general public mainly through a regular cellphone. While


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Do you live in the country or in the city? Maybe you're a young student, or possibly an adult entrepreneur. Most importantly, do you like or dislike pineapple on pizza? Depending on what you answer, you

Why choose SMS marketing?

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SMS is a personal communication tool. The potential benefits of using it as part of your marketing strategy are enormous. With SMS marketing, you can eliminate noise and communicate directly with your customers. But with the potential gains,