SMS is a personal communication tool, and the potential benefits of using it as part of your marketing strategy are enormous. With SMS, you can eliminate noise and communicate directly with your customers. But with the potential gains, it also comes with a responsibility.

The effect of SMS

If you and your business are concerned about the impact of your marketing strategy, you have most likely come across the term "opening rate". The opening rate illustrates the percentage of recipients of an email or SMS that actually opens the message or newsletter. Another important concept in the marketing universe is "Click-through-rate" (CTR), or "click rate" in Norwegian. This term refers to the proportion of recipients who open and read the content, in addition to taking action. This can be in the form of clicking on one of the links. These numbers give you and your business an indication of how many of the recipients are actually interested in the content. They provide an overview of how many people read the messages you send out, and how relevant and interesting the content is.

According to a campaign carried out by SuperOffice, the opening rate for e-mail in Norway is equivalent to 18%, and the click-through rate is no more than 10%. Now, let's take a look at the corresponding numbers for SMS. It turns out that the average opening rate of text messages corresponds to around 99%, and 97% of these messages are read within 15 minutes of receiving them.

The numbers have spoken! SMS is more efficient than communication via email. Despite the fact that e-mails are generally quite cheap, it will not give as high a return on investment as SMS. Especially not when less than one-fifth of recipients open the e-mail.

Eliminate noise

Place your message directly in the palm of your hand, literally! The messages you send tick directly into the mobile phone, which in most cases rests in the palm of our hand. Unlike social media, your message does not have to compete. The customer rather looks at posts from friends, the latest news about The Kardashians, training videos or anything else that is more interesting than the 20% discount on bed linen.

On top of the wreath cake, it turns out that 50% of all clicks on Internet advertisements are incorrect clicks. These error clicks are also what you have to pay for with cost per click (CPC) on online ads, without gain. With SMS, you can make sure that you send out content that is interesting and relevant. You can do this using, for example, segmentation. In this way, you show the customer that you care, and that you are not just looking to sell anything to anyone.

Your customers want to hear you

In order to send out SMS to your customers, they must have agreed to receive messages and offers from your company. This is a vote of confidence on the part of the customer. You thus have a responsibility to maintain this trust. You do this by only sending out relevant messages to the customer, and moderating the number of messages sent out.

The customer also has the opportunity to unsubscribe from the SMS list. To take care of the customer and make sure that the trust between the customer and your company is not broken, we have created a separate "blacklist". This is for customers who sign up for the SMS lists. In practice, this means that it will not be possible to send a message to the numbers that have unsubscribed. Even if the number is still in contact lists or re-imported, the message will not be sent. This way you do not have to worry about sending messages to uninterested customers, and the customer does not have to receive unwanted messages.