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-Integrated into your systems

Do you want to integrate SMS into your system? That could be your website, online store, CRM system or any other system. Look no further! With our SMS API you get SMS functionality without having to use an external platform. Gather all your tools in one place and make life easier for yourself. Our SMS API is


Secure SMS api

Secure SMS API

Our SMS API is secured with OAuth 2.0 authorization! This is the industry standard for authorization and ensures that the correct website or application is accessing the software. We offer additional security by locking the API to your IP address. We have debugging – and developer tools ready at your disposal.

Integrate and code

REST and OAuth 2.0

With REST API, the integration process is a breeze for developers and programmers. The REST API retrieves and stores the necessary data, and gives the developers great flexibility. REST is supported by the most common protocols such as HTTP and returns responses in a variety of formats such as HTML, XML, plain text and JSON.

Swagger documentation

Swagger Documentation

Our SMS API is very well documented with full Swagger documentation. Swagger’s API framework makes it easy and straight forward to find the information you as a developer need. Swagger is also known for their interactive documentation.

Take a look at our Swagger documentation

Find the perfect solution for you!

The only thing that stands between you and a completely seamless workflow is a simple click! Do like thousands of others and start gathering all the tools you need in one place. And while we have you here, why not start with SMS?

Start by testing out our platform for free, take a look at the API documentation, have a coffee with us or talk to one of our partners – the choice is yours.

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