While working as a barista, I met many new faces every single day at work. I always tried to make the experience as personalized to each customer as possible. With some customers it is was easier than with others. Eventually a pattern began to form, and there were certain faces I began to recognize from day to day. This is how it is for most businesses. Whether it's a face, a name, or other characteristics - some customers stand out as more loyal than others.

Who are your loyal customers?

You may recognize your most loyal customers, but do you know who they are and what they need? The job as a barista showed me the effect of knowing your customers. I made a point of making mental notes of various details about the customers. What have they told me about themselves? Do they have any allergies and preferences, or do they perhaps order the same thing every time? As the company's face outwards, it was my responsibility to make sure that I knew the customer inside and out. Knowledge of your customers' interests, buying patterns and needs is what sets you apart from your competitors. If you know what their needs are and how you can meet these needs, you are already well on your way to becoming the customer's preferred business.

It is especially important to make note of such details when working with marketing. An effective marketing strategy is targeted, relevant and carefully selected. If you know what your most loyal customers want, you can make sure they feel seen and heard. At the cafe I had many regular customers, and one of them was Mari. Mari always used to come by after work to grab a cup of coffee on her way home. Every time I saw her making her way towards the cafe, I started making her regular order. It was a takeaway latte with caramel syrup. The first time I did it, she could hardly believe her eyes. "Is this for me? It's exactly what I wanted! How did you know?". After that, she started visiting the cafe in her free time too. That´s because she knew that there, she could get exactly what she wanted.

Have an overview of your customers

It´s easy to have an overview of your loyal customers in a cafe where you meet them face to face. But how easy is it for an online store? You have no direct interactions with the customer, and everything happens digitally. Digital stores do not have the same advantage as physical stores when it comes to personal relationships with customers, but there are other options.

Intellipush recently launched a tool called "Your most loyal customers". This tool is intended to help you get to know your customers. The concept is quite simple. Every time you send out an offer with our link shortener, we collect insights about the customer's engagement. Over time, you will have a complete overview of which of your customers have clicked on the most offers and how many links they have opened.

"Your most loyal customers" is a tool that can be used in many ways. You can create a separate contact list that only consists of your most active customers. You can also use this list to show off these customers on your company's social media pages. It will be a public declaration of your appreciation to your customers. It will also act as an incentive system for the other customers to become more loyal.

Reward customer loyalty

Without customers, your company cannot survive - that is the reality of things! So, it´s super important that you reward your most loyal customers. After all, they have chosen you over all your competitors, so it´s up to you to give them what they need and then some. That could be an extra good offer exclusively for your most loyal customers, or that you take the time to send them a personal thank you message. This will result in your customers feeling appreciated and hopefully gaining more loyalty to your company.

Customer loyalty is no longer a given, and there is no shortage of competitors in the market. Research has shown that it costs your business five times more to acquire a new customer compared to keeping an existing one. So go the extra mile and make sure your customers stay with you.