SMS services are as simple as they are complicated. On the one hand, it is a service we all have experience with, whether as private individuals or as marketing agents. On the other hand, it is complicated to know how to get the most out of such a powerful tool as SMS. The aim of this article is to answer your most frequently asked questions about SMS services so you have all the tools you need to reach the full potential of SMS.


1. How do I change my password?

Once you are logged in to Intellipush, you can go to the menu option “Settings”. At the bottom of the page you will find the option to enter a new password for your account. When a new password has been entered, click save and you will see a box where you enter the old password to confirm the change.


2. Can I get an invoice?

Yes, we can offer this to large customers with significant volume. Contact us for inquiries about this. Click here to find our contact information.

3. How does Intellipush comply with GDPR?

Intellipush only uses the information of the customers who have entered their information. No other customers have access to this information, and this is not sold or distributed to any third party. We only use the necessary information to complete the sending of SMS.


4. How long is the lock-in period at Intellipush?

Intellipush has no lock-in period. We believe that our customers stay here as a result of good prices and good service over time, and do not want to bind our customers.

5. How much does Intellipush cost per month?

Intellipush has no fixed monthly fee. There is only a monthly fee for invoice customers with special agreements. Or you can see our prices here.

Integration with the SMS API

1. Can I become a reseller / partner for integration and resale of the solution?

Yes, we are constantly looking for new partners, and are happy to talk to you about this. Contact us to talk more about a possible collaboration. Click here to find our contact information!

2. Does Intellipush have an API?

Yes, we have a modern API with OAuth 2.0 authentication and Swagger documentation. This means that we can possibaly integrate with all possible solutions, and these solutions can integrate with us. Read more about SMS API here.


3. How can I use SMS in WordPress?

Intellipush has a Plugin for WordPress, this can be installed easily and makes it possible to send SMS directly from WordPress. Contact us for more information!

4. Does Intellipush have any integrations ready today?

Yes, we have integrations ready for WordPress and WooCommerce. Feel free to contact us for assistance with your integrations.

5. Can Intellipush be integrated with my system?

Yes, it can be done in most cases. Get in touch with us for further inquiries

Use Intellipush SMS platform

1. What information should contact lists contain?

You need the name and phone number of your contacts to be able to send out messages. You can choose to include additional information such as email address, birthday and customer number if you would like. If you have not included the country code in the imported list, it can be selected in the menu below before the list is imported. You can import contact lists as an excel file or .xls and .xlsx files. You can import the contacts into a new contact list, or into an existing list.

2. How do I add tracking to a link?

After creating an account and logging in, tap “New message” to create a new message. Then enter the link, and the text that will accompany the link, then click on “Shorten the link”. This way, each link gets a unique code that can be tracked, no matter how many people you send the message to.

3. Can I have my own short number?

Yes, we do offer that. Contact us for further inquiries. Click here to find our contact information

4. How do codewords work?

Codewords allow you to receive messages from your customers. We register this with the operators on your behalf. You will then receive all messages that are sent to the codeword on the short number where you have registered the codeword. You can also have the messages forwarded to another number or platform.

5. Can I schedule SMS messages?

Yes, you can set when you want your messages to be sent. They can be sent immediately, or on a date and time you specify.


6. How can people unsubscribe from a list?

By sending “codeword” and “Stop” to the number belonging to the company, the customer will automatically unsubscribe from the list and will be added to a “blacklist”. Then the customer must manually subscribe again to be able to receive messages from the company.

7. Can I import contacts from another system?

Yes, you can import contacts via excel or a csv list.

8. Can I see the status of sent messages?

Yes, you can see the complete status of all messages by clicking on the menu item “messages” and then selecting “Sent”. From there you will see a list of sent messages, and can click on the message you want to see the status of.

9. Can I send files via SMS on Intelipush?

Yes, you can upload files and send them via a link in a SMS via Intellipush. You can also get an overview of the statistics on who clicked on the link and who did not.

10. How do I create a new contact list?

You can create a new contact list by clicking on the menu item “contact list” and then on “new contact list”.

We hope this answers your questions about SMS. If you still have unanswered questions about SMS services, just get in touch and we can answer you directly.