Call to action in SMS marketing

Call-to-Action is one of the most widespread tools used in marketing. We´re surrounded by CTAs. They are on websites, social media, newsletter, and campaigns in all and any from. It´s an essential part of your marketing strategy. The goal is to gently nudge your audience into taking action. A good CTA is like a huge red button. The logical side of your brain says "don´t push it", but your heart overrules with "why not?". So, join us on this ride and let us tell you about the secret behind how to write irresistible SMS Call-to-Action.

What’s the point of the CTA?

There is a reason behind every action. If you want to write effective CTAs, the reasons behind them should be crystal clear. You´ll have to figure out what you´re trying to achieve with said CTA. Are you looking for new leads? Increasing traffic to your website? Or maybe increase sales? Whatever your goal is, it should be decided before sending out any SMS campaigns.

You should also put yourself in your audience´s shoes. Why should they take any action? What´s in it for them? You´ll have to be transparent and clear on what they´ll get in return. At the same time, you should highlighting the befits of choosing you and your brand. This is where the magic of irresistible SMS Call-to-Action comes into play.

You are a dragon, act like one!

This one is for all my Game of Thrones nerds out there! Let me remind you of the words of one of the wisest women in Westeros:

"The lords of Westeros are sheep, are you a sheep? No, you are a dragon. Be a dragon!".

The words of Lady Olenna Tyrell are straight to the point. You may not be of Targaryen decent, thank the gods, but you´re just as unique. Don´t act like a sheep, doing what every other brand is doing. Writing the same CTAs, we´ve heard a million times before. Why should your audience choose you? What do you have to offer that none of your competitors have? That is your dragon!

So get creative with your CTA. Don´t be afraid to use humor or appeal to their feelings when writing a CTA. You have all the tools you need to capture your audience´s attention and get your message across. Don´t let conformity stop you!

Make it personal

In a sea of notifications and advertisements, it´s all about capturing your customers’ attention. If you´re in a crowded place and someone shouts your name, your instinctual reaction is to turn around and find the source. The same goes for written messages. Your customers gravitate towards more personalized messages. So why not include their first name in you SMS campaign and make it more personal.

Another way to personalize the messages is by including words such as "you" and "your". After all, they are the main focus point of this deal! A very good example of this is a Call-To-Action from Dropbox:


As you can see, the CTA button is clearly differentiated. It´s in a box with a different background color that stands out from the rest of the page. The text "Find your plan" is followed by an arrow that indicates action. With a CTA like that, you signal to the customer that the product or service you offer is personally tailored to their needs. The words "find" and "your" give the customer a sense of control and that they are making a personal choice. But they´re not alone, they will get assurance and help along the way.

Keep it short and sweet

SMS is a short and concise medium by nature, and your CTAs have to accommodate that. Spare the nitty-gritty details about your products and services to your website. When writing an SMS campaign, the goal is to communicate your message in a short and efficient manner. As long as you communicate your offer clearly, show the value of your offer and sprinkle in a little bit of FOMO, your CTA don´t need to exceed 2-5 words. In addition, if you have done a good job with segmentation and personalized your message, all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch the magic happen.