Most of us have organized an event at one time or another in our lives. Whether it's an annual birthday celebration or something a little bigger like a wedding. Regardless of the event, there are some recurring concerns: Do we have enough food? Is there enough space? How many are actually coming? Do our guests know how find the location? But I don’t need to tell you about this, you have organized huge events and know the feeling!

Answer the questions before they are asked

f you have a question, the odds are that there are others who are wondering the same thing. As the event starts to approach, the same questions start ticking in from all sides. Questions you've heard before and questions you knew would come! Ultimately, you as the organizer have all the answers. It´s your responsibility to ensure that the participants are informed and well prepared. But that doesn't mean you should have a full-time employee on standby to answer questions. Make it easy for yourself and predictable for the participants by answering the questions before they are asked! That's where SMS for organizers come in handy.

Communicate with the masses

You've been through this before and know what to expect. Start by writing down all the questions you know are likely to come up. When the event starts to approach, you can send out an SMS to the participants with the information they need. With this SMS, you ensure that the participants get the information they need and can come prepared. This makes it easy for the participants to find the information they need. It also frees up time so you can focus on organizing the event of the century.

With Intellipush's solution, you can upload and send a file as part of the SMS message you send out. You can create a simple one-pager with common questions and answers that may be useful for participants to know. The one-pager is sent as a link and the participants will have all the answers to the questions they have.

Take control of the narrative

Unforeseen situations tend to arise during events. It doesn’t take more than one comment before rumors begin to flow around and uncertainty spreads among the participants. That’s why it’s important that you as an organizer have an effective communication channel to use when such situations arise. If there are changes to the program or if a rumor is spreading, you can take control of the narrative and send out correct information to the participants. With SMS, the recipients need neither an internet connection nor an app to receive your message. Don't make the audience dependent on checking social media to get important messages during the event. You want your audience to enjoy the fruits of your work, instead of scrolling Facebook in the hopes of keeping updated.

Notifications to a huge amount of people

Keep in touch with the customers

When the event is over, it is important that you as the organizer spend some time following up on the participants. Ask for their feedback and promote future events. The easiest way to do this is by creating separate contact lists with the participants for each event. If you have just organized a summer concert, you can create a separate list with the participants of said concert.

Beforehand, you send out important information, and afterwards you can ask for feedback and thank the attendees for their participation. If the participants have agreed to receive marketing messages from you, you can use the opportunity to promote your upcoming event. The most important thing is that you do not lose contact with your customers after the end of the event.

SMS for organizers is an important tool for communication. SMS makes it easy for you to send out messages to many people at once. It ensures that the messages reach the recipients quickly and easily. It also makes the experience more pleasant for the audience. They have all the information in an SMS message and know exactly what to expect. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and make your next event the best one yet.