Sms gateway

An SMS gateway is what allows your business to send and receive SMS to your customers via APIs. It translates the message so that it is compatible with the recipient´s mobile phone. Our API allow you to automate the sending of SMS based on certain activities. It can be SMS reminders, marketing, alerts or customer follow-up. For example, an SMS can be sent automatically when a package has been sent to your customer.

SMS gateway + your system = success

With an SMS gateway and an API, you can easily integrate the SMS platform with your existing system. It can be a website, CRM system or other essential systems for your company.

Most companies that send out SMS to their customers use a gateway or API. This is the technology that makes bulk sending of SMS possible! With this technology, you no longer need to have countless pages and accounts. Everything you need to communicate with your customers is in one place!

How do SMS gateways work?

In the beginning, SMS gateways were physical hardware with SIM cards. That is no longer the case, and today's versions are a bit more advanced. Today, these work through a cloud-based system and an SMS API. The gateways send the SMS through a network and what is called a Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) protocol.

What significance does it have for you?

SMS gateway makes the job easier both for you as the sender and for your customers. Instead of sending an individual message to all the people registered in your contact list, you can now send the right message to the right customers with the press of a button.

This makes it possible for you to send the same SMS to several people, wherever they are in the world. In this way, you can send messages in bulk, event-specific SMS and SMS based on customer actions, all in one system. The gateway saves you time and ensures that you can communicate with your customers exactly when you want and how you want.