How do I add tracking to a link?

After creating an account and logging in, tap "New message" to create a new message. Then enter the link, and the text that will accompany the link, then click on "Shorten the link". This way, each link gets

How do codewords work?

Codewords allow you to receive messages from your customers. We register this with the operators on your behalf. You will then receive all messages that are sent to the codeword on the short number where you have registered

How to unsubscribe from a list?

By sending "codeword" and "Stop" to the number belonging to the company, the customer will automatically unsubscribe from the list and will be added to a "blacklist". Then the customer must manually subscribe again to be able to

Can I see the status of sent messages?

Yes, you can see the complete status of all messages by clicking on the menu item "messages" and then selecting "Sent". From there you will see a list of sent messages, and can click on the message you