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Messaging on your premises. Put in queue, send in the future, send to contacts and contact lists. With Intellipush you are choosing one of the most flexible solutions for communication and SMS marketing available on the market.



API makes it easy for your business to integrate SMS into your own system. Our new API is more secure with OAuth 2.0 authentication, complete Swagger documentation and Rest API. Test it out yourself by creating an account for free!

Anders Wisur

Anders Berthling Wisur

SMS integrasjon

Intellipush is an SMS marketing and communication platform for businesses of all sizes. Communicate personally and secure with your customers and contacts via either our simple web platform or through our API. You have full control of sent, received and outgoing SMS messages. We have several certified developer partners that can help you get started with your project, and integrate this directly into your system. With Intellipush you select one of the most flexible messaging solutions on the market.

Stian Bjørnebekk

“We have been using Intellipush’s platform actively for over five years, and are very satisfied with the platform and customer service we receive. Intellipush allows us to see who opens links in the messages, so we can see the effect of our campaigns. They are easy to work with, and they make it easy to integrate Intellipush with other systems.”


Stian Bjørnebekk, Sportmann

“We have close to 200 people at Blender Collective. Intellipush gives us a simple and secure way to communicate with all of our members, with a tool that reaches far better than emails or other forms of communication.”


Foto: Marion Fjeldly


Stian Melhus, Blender Collective
Andreas Dovland

“We use Intellipush in more ways than just SMS marketing. For us, we use SMS from Intellipush as a key. It simplifies everyday life for our customers in the public and private sector. Intellipush makes it easy to send out one-time access codes and are an important part of the automated rental process.”




Andreas Dovland, Inlet


No monthly cost, no startup cost. You pay as you go, and pay for the SMS you plan to send! Create an account, and try Intellipush free today. You’ll receive some free credits, so you can test and send a few SMS already today.

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