Personal Communication

SMS communication makes it easy to reach your customers in a personal and reliable way.

  • Cost effective SMS marketing with no subscription or running costs.

  • 97% of all messages are read within 15 minutes

  • Easy integration with our API

  • Send SMS in bulk or one by one, based on your need.

  • Track your messages with unique links

  • Import your contact lists directly into our platform

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SMS markedsføring

Many areas of use

SMS tjeneste
  • Black Friday offers

  • Mass communication (bulk SMS service)

  • Member information

  • VIP og customer relations programs

  • Reminders anything

  • Twoway communication with the customer

  • Internal communication for orders

  • Info to parents from schools and kindergarten

  • Member service for pubs and nightclubs

  • Visitor tracking

Intellipush has many uses, and more will be. Don’t be afraid to be creative and explore new uses, we love new challenges and are constantly working to adapt to your needs.

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How does it work?

1. Create account

There is no monthly fee or start-up cost. Remember to verify your account through the email link and complete your registration with SMS code.

2. Buy an SMS package

Purchase an SMS package to be able to send SMS.

3. Import or create a new contact list

Import an existing customer list from Excel or create a new list.

4. Spread your message

Now you can start sending messages on your terms. Create a template, queue up, and send to entire customer lists – all in one place.

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No monthly cost, no start-up cost. You only pay for sending SMS! Create account and try Intellipush for free today. You receive free SMS credits, so you can test out the platform before you decide.

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