How do I change my password?

Once you are logged in to Intellipush, you can go to the menu option "Settings". At the bottom of the page you will find the option to enter a new password for your account. When a new password

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, we can offer this to large customers with significant volume. Contact us for inquiries about this. Click here to find our contact information. 

How does Intellipush comply with the GDPR?

Intellipush only uses the information of the customers who have entered their information. No other customers have access to this information, and this is not sold or distributed to any third party. We only use the necessary information

How long is the lock-in period?

Intellipush has no lock-in period. We believe that our customers stay here as a result of good prices and good service over time, and do not want to bind our customers.